24 Most Hotly Anticipated Movies Of 2014

23. Grand Budapest Hotel (March)

The Pitch... Ralph Fiennes plays a concierge framed for the murder of a hotel guest who bequeathed him a valuable painting in her will. He duly escapes prison with the aid of a group of cons, and a fellow hotel worker and sets about proving his innocence. Plus Points The cast, naturally: Anderson is now the premier talent collector, out-Allening Woody Allen regularly, and this movie is about as big as his casts have ever been, with an eye-watering amount of talent set to back up the director's honed eye for story-telling. Moonrise Kingdom was Anderson's best film for a while, and the promise of another star-studded caper is particularly attractive. The Reservations... Wes Anderson might do ensembles well, and Jason Schartzman is probably the most grateful actor in the history of the industry that he continues to take a shine to him, but he can occasionally go for quaintness over actual entertainment.
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