25 Best Anime Supervillains Of All Time

3. Johan Liebert - Monster

Fullmetal Alchemist

Manga artist legend Naoki Urasawa is frequently celebrated for his work in creating Monster, but more specifically for the inception of its main character and antagonist, Johan Liebert.

Monster is a series diverging from the usual prose in anime, the recognised lines of good versus bad, and instead uses Liebert as a means of asking questions to investigate the grey areas.

To call Johan Liebert “unsettling,” “unnerving” or “downright creepy” doesn’t begin to unpackage this Kinder egg of crazy, who has given me many a sleepless night despite me being very aware of the fact he doesn’t exist.

After a series of childhood traumas (such as being orphaned and shot in the head), Liebert displays a distaste for human life. Or at least he refused to acknowledge it as anything special.

Intelligent to a fault, the sociopathic Liebert uses his deceptive charisma and smarts to trick and manipulate those around him exclusively for his own means and amusement.

The weakness with villains tends to be that a hero knows how to prevent them getting what they want, but what Liebert wants is often so unclear that it makes his actions all the scarier.

Monster will make you feel things you perhaps don’t want to, and Johan Liebert is the reason why.

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