25 Greatest Easter Eggs From The Last 20 Years Of Horror

25. Triangle

Triangle will blow your mind. One viewing isn€™t enough to penetrate its baffling origami of a narrative. Two viewings might offer more questions, followed by a quick run to the off-license for additional inebriants to help in unraveling a slasher so unique, so twisted, and so stunning, it€™s as if it look a bath in David Lynch€™s tears. Or Stanley Kubrick€™s.

Kubrick's batty haunted hotel flick, The Shining, clearly made an impression on Triangle director, Christopher Smith, who littered his mind-bending thriller with a number that will be familiar to fans of the classic creeper: 237. For the uninitiated, that's the number of the room that young Danny won€™t dare to enter in the Overlook Hotel. The room in which his father, Jack, smooches with a corpse.

Triangle€™s similarly flawed protagonist, Jess (Melissa George) is plagued by the same three digits. Leaving her house, the number visible on the doorway is 237. Once aboard the ship, the group are led to room 237 where they read a message scrawled in blood on a mirror. And that€™s not where the nods end: Jess€™s fate matches Jack€™s - they€™re both destined to repeat their lives in an endless loop, both of which feature a creepy ballroom and an axe.


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