25 Most Powerful Comic Book Movie Heroes

Thor_The_Dark_World_37786 Superhero movies are, of course, Hollywood's 'big thing' at the moment. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is gradually expanding and the movies are exceptionally popular, while other Marvel movies such as the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises continue to draw at the box office. DC is getting in on the act too. Having recently concluded the Batman trilogy, Superman has been rebooted with the Man of Steel movie - and there are more to come on that front too. Of course, other comic book brands have joined in as well in recent years. Image Comics' flagship title Spawn got a movie a few years ago while Dark Horse's Hellboy has two movies to his name. But which of these heroes has been the most powerful on screen? I'm talking about their on-screen portrayals only. So, for example, although Odin can destroy galaxies in the comics, his on-screen portrayal has been comparatively very weak and he will not be appearing in this list. Although he's been alluded to as powerful, he hasn't really seen much action and is hard to gauge therefore. And this has nothing to do with popularity or the ability to kick-ass at a low level - it's all about power (and not just destructive power, I'm considering versatility and intricate, esoteric powers). So there'll be no Batman, Captain America, Daredevil or Punisher in this list - I'll get that out there now to save their fans the time. They're cool characters and great at what they do - but they operate at a street level and don't really have superhuman powers. The characters must be heroes in the movie too. I will, therefore, be refraining from mentioning the New Goblin, as he was a weasel for most of Spider-Man 3 and I'll be refraining from using Deadpool, since his portrayal was nothing like the comic book version. And I'll tell you right now, Howard the Duck is getting nowhere near this list! I'll also note that the likes of Hancock and G-Girl - who are powerful characters - will not be on this list due to the fact they did not start life in comic books. While the characters in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen didn't originate in comic books either. This is strictly comic book heroes only. With that in mind, here are the twenty-five most powerful comic book heroes in movies...

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