25 WTF Moments From The Mission: Impossible Franchise

Death-defying stunts, crazy plot twists and pretty much everything in the second film.

With the release of the fifth Mission: Impossible movie, Rogue Nation, what better time to look back at the hit series' most absurd, hilarious and down-right weird moments? It's little surprise that a franchise that prides itself on its protagonist overcoming impossible odds is full of WTF moments, and from the grittier entries to the cartoonish silliness of John Woo's second film, there's a ton of weirdness to spare all-around. From pointless cameos to outrageous gadgets, insane stunts, unexpected homo-eroticism, the franchise's peculiar approach to female characters and everything in-between, the series knows how to get a reaction out of audiences above all else, and by the sounds of it, Rogue Nation is no different. Before you check out Ethan Hunt's latest adventure, here are 25 unforgettable WTF moments from the Mission: Impossible franchise...

25. All Those Rubber Masks

One of the indisputable Mission: Impossible franchise staples is the use of insanely life-like face masks, by both the heroes and villains, to masquerade as other characters, typically for infiltration or deception purposes. It's a trope that actually began in the original M:I TV series, albeit one that was enhanced by some ground-breaking visual effects in the first movie. It was then wildly overdone in the second film, given a practical upgrade in number three, and amusingly subverted in number four (where it barely appears at all). By this point, it's become a plot device lingering in the back of fans' minds, such that they can never be sure when the filmmakers might pull the old trick out for another devilish twist. Despite being heavily featured in most of the movies, it still manages to catch audiences off-guard.

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