25 WTF Moments In Harry Potter Movies


When you take the time to reflect over the Harry Potter movies, it's astounding that the golden trio successfully made it into adulthood without any counselling. Harry, Ron and Hermione were always around whenever danger seemed it a sensible time to present itself to the entire wizarding world, and together, the three of them fought against evil during every school year. They saw friends, teachers, fellow students and family members killed in front of their very eyes and at the end of everything, all was well. This is fair enough after nineteen years when they've had time to grieve and find love in their children, but Sirius was murdered and Harry was seen smiling as if it has never happened just a few days later. Of course, it wasn't just the deaths of Harry Potter characters that solely count as WTF moments from the series. From awkwardly tying shoe laces to teachers who have no idea what they're doing, there are plenty of head scratchers across the eight films.

25. Why Does No One See Them Disappear?

When the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry run through to Platform 9 3/4, in the middle of a muggle train station with their owls and toads, why don't any of the muggles take notice? And why are they even using muggle transportation int he first place? They're magic! Why can't they get there by Apparation or using the Floo Network to get to Hogwarts? There are other alternatives such as broomsticks, enchanted flying cars and Portkeys. It just seems like a bit of an inconvenience, especially for students such as Seamus Finnigan who would have to travel from Ireland to King's Cross in London, to take the Hogwarts Express to travel all the way back up the country to Scotland. So why is London the only embarkation point in the country that students can get to school safely?
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