28 WTF Moments From Batman & Robin

Arnie's ice puns are just the beginning...

Joel Schumacher's two Batman movies are full of their share of eccentric, hilarious and downright idiotic scenes, as evidenced no more than in our recent examination of Batman Forever's litany of WTF moments. Now it's time to give the sequel, 1997's Batman and Robin, the very movie that killed Batman as a cinematic brand for 8 years until Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, a thorough once-over. It's popular to hate and laugh at the movie, and with good reason: Schumacher's thoroughly campy, cartoonish effort makes Forever look like a grimdark masterpiece by comparison, though in its defense, it does retain a perversely comical quality that's nevertheless kept it popular with ironic and boozed-up audiences. It may be a terrible film by most standards, but while you can call it many things, boring isn't one of them. From the rampant homo-eroticism to the outrageous dialogue and jaw-droppingly awkward stylistic choices, here are 28 WTF moments from Batman and Robin...

28. More Bat Buns & Crotches

Because the "buns and crotches" gearing-up montage in Batman Forever wasn't outrageous enough, director Joel Schumacher had to out-camp himself by throwing Robin into the mix this time as well, resulting in twice the butt shots and twice the crotch shots in that opening sequence. It goes on for what seems like forever, but on the plus side, at least we see a great butt shot of Alicia Silverstone's Batgirl later in the movie too, so the flagrant homo-eroticism is fanned a little bit.

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