30 Actors Who Almost Starred In Marvel Movies

From Howard The Duck to Guardians Of The Galaxy, it all comes full circle.

Picture a world where Hugh Jackman was never cast as Wolverine. Worst yet, picture a world where Robert Downey Jr. was never cast as Iron Man. Is the panicky fanboy inside of you hyperventilating yet? Now, picture a world where Nicolas Cage was never cast as Ghost Rider. Okay, bad example, but you get the point. There are a lot of €œwhat ifs€ in the movie business and Marvel is chock-full of them - hundreds of actors almost starred in some of the most beloved (and not so beloved) comic book movies of all time. And that€™s the topic at hand today. They say that directing is 90 percent casting. Having the right actors can make your movie. Having the wrong ones can essentially doom it. The reason why these actors didn't land these roles vary greatly from person to person. Sometimes the actor simply wasn't chosen over another actor. Oftentimes the actor is offered the role and flat-out turns it down. And on occasion the movie is scrapped altogether. So, let€™s get right into it. From the comic book company's very first movie adaptation to its latest, this is thirty actors who almost starred in a Marvel movie.
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