30 Most Hotly Anticipated Movies Still To Come In 2016 - Ranked

Things can only get better. Please.

2016 Films To Come

You might well be sitting on the back-end of this summer blockbuster season wondering when exactly the good films we were all promised are coming. Don't worry, you're not alone. It almost feels like the first half (and a bit) of this year has been a calamitous tumble through way too many bad films.

But fear not, because redemption is just around the corner. Like Harley Quinn believing that her Mr J isn't a repugnant piece of sh*t who might one day turn into a slick business man (seriously, never forget), we all have to grasp on to the idea that there are some great films still to come this year.

Even with thirty picks, there are some notable near misses - Pete's Dragon comes out worldwide in a matter of days for instance, and then there are later, interesting titles like Manchester By The Sea, Bridget Jones' Baby, Inferno, Trolls... It's arguably a more packed last five months than the seven before.

And that's a good thing, because 2016 has been mostly a bust so far. We've had some great films, both blockbuster and indie, but there have been some rank disappointments, some absolute turkeys and some downright insults. It's time the year bucked its ideas up, frankly.

Here are the most exciting films still to come in 2016, ranked by anticipation...


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