30 Most Hotly Anticipated Movies Still To Come In 2016 - Ranked

29. Bad Santa 2

2016 Films To Come
Broad Green Pictures

Release Date: November 23rd

Billed As: The return of everyone's favourite Santa Claus (and the weird little loser who has gone on to be a You Won't Believe What This Kid Looks Like Now meme since 2003). This time Willie's got Mommy Issues.

Hype: It's inevitable that there will be some cynicism over the long-in-gestation sequel to 2003's glorious anti-Christmas film, but there's more than enough enthusiasm in the tank for Willie, Thurman and Marcus to guarantee a big box office return.

Let's just hope the addition of Kathy Bates as Willie's mother is a good move, and the decision to turn Willie back to a life of crime with Marcus (and Thurman in tow) isn't too repetitive.

Fair play to Billy Bob Thornton, though, he openly admitted the sequel wouldn't be as good as the original back in 2014. At least he's honest.


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