31 Horror Movies To Watch This October

Your guide for 31 Days of Horror.


For horror film fans, October is naturally the best month of the year, because it ushers in the annual tradition of 31 Days of Horror - that is, finding 31 horror movies to sink your teeth into throughout the month leading up to Halloween night itself.

And despite most of us being confined to our homes for the 2020 edition, that doesn't mean there's any less content for gore-hounds to choose from. In fact, quite the opposite.

Between the likes of Netflix, Shudder, and all the other VOD platforms, there's a frankly obscene platter of horror titles to consider, though our 31-movie list will largely focus on films due to be released throughout October as well as those recently released online.

Running the gamut from artful, serious-minded horrors to unapologetically trashy B-movies and everything in-between, this list has you covered no matter your preferences.

Above all else, it should ensure your 31 days are filled up with a healthy, diverse diet of the genre's finest, craziest content to hit the web as of late.


31. Relic

IFC Midnight

If it feels a bit glib to call Relic "this year's Hereditary," it's certainly cut from similar cloth, telling a relatable tale of human frailty mixed with more typical-yet-tightly-wound supernatural phenomena.

Emily Mortimer and Bella Heathcote are terrific as a mother and daughter whose mother/grandmother, Edna (Robyn Nevin), appears to be consumed by a supernatural presence haunting her home.

Helmed with exceptional skill by Natalie Erika James in her directorial debut, Relic is a rare horror film that's both deeply creepy and, ultimately, emotionally devastating.

In a just world the show-stealing Nevin would end up with a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her heartbreaking performance, but on its own merits, this is top-level, deeply felt horror.

Relic is released on UK VOD on October 30th.

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