31 Scariest Movie Moments Of All Time

Try not to scream at these terrifying scenes.

Ringu Eyes

Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand... For no mere mortal can resist the eternal, irresistible pull of horror movie thrills. Leave it to Vincent Price (via some poetic mangling) to capture the inherent appeal of horror movies. They gnaw at you and insist, offering a longevity of feeling beyond the theatre that has turned bumps into the night into a currency.

They're obviously also perverse (though actually, it IS possible to like horror movies, no matter what hipster journalists claim for effect), feeding the fundamental human attraction to the delicious fight or flight mechanism built into us. Going into the dark cinema to try and be scared silly isn't just mere entertainment, you see, it is an expression of evolutionary distress. We've had the need to be scared mostly evolved out of us, but the triggers remain.

So we play with them as much as possible, especially around this time of year, looking for that simple, delightful scary moment in movies to make us feel again, damnit. And luckily, Horror Hollywood has delivered in the past.

Behold, the scariest movie moments of all time, sorted by chill factor...


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