4 Reasons Rob Zombie Is A God-Like Genius

3. He Got Rainn Wilson Before He Was Dwight

rainn wilson house of It would be hard to look a pre-Office Rainn Wilson in the eye and tell him that he will one day be a star, but he pulled it off. Wilson's Dwight became one of the main attractions of the U.S. version of The Office. He even almost got a spin off series. However, pre-Office years Rainn Wilson was a struggling actor just like everyone else. So, who saw the potential in the future Dwight before NBC? Rob Zombie. That's who. Zombie cast the actor in his directing debut, House of 1000 Corpses. Wilson plays a semi-serious, semi-humorous role that wins over the hearts of the audience. Then Zombie chops him up and gives the audience a nice little image of a deceased Dwight that I have yet to forget to this day. Zombie's a genius to getting on the ball before the world or some studio had the chance. Way to go Zombie.
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