5 Actors You Didn't Realise Appeared In Your Favourite Movies

Wait, Leonardo DiCaprio was in Fight Club?!

20th Century Fox/Legendary Pictures

For movie fans, one of the coolest things about the world of film is spotting the minor details, the small things, and the intricate little elements dropped into a movie. After all, these are the things that offer a sense of reward to an audience - and we all know that the majority of film fans love to be rewarded when watching a feature.

While many films are loud and proud in how they splash cameo after cameo appearance or nods and winks throughout their run time, there are other pictures that really make you work to see the fan-pleasing secrets and goodies that are hiding in plain sight.

Here, we're going to focus on movie appearances from big-name, A-list talents. Actually, to be specific, we're going to focus on the appearances of big-name stars that have completely passed you by.

Without you knowing it, some of the greatest performers in the history of modern-day cinema have been cheekily snuck into some of your favourite films.

So with that in mind, then, here are five such examples of times when one of Hollywood's biggest names has appeared in one of your favourite movies - and you were completely oblivious to it!


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