5 Awesome Obscure Comic Book Characters Who Need Their Own Movie

madamemirage Comic book movies are the 'in thing' in Hollywood at the moment - of that there is no doubt - and they've existed for many years. Undoubtedly, the most successful comic book movies have been those adapted from Marvel and DC - Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Spider-Man, the Avengers etc - but that doesn't mean lesser known adaptations can't be successful. The Mask, Watchmen and Hellboy, although not 'obscure', are nowhere near as popular as the more mainstream comic books, but they were turned in to movies that were successful in Hollywood. However, the likes of Spawn, The Shadow and Green Hornet weren't so successful. There are a huge range of lesser-known comic book characters out there though, and many of them would make fantastic blockbuster movies. With that in mind, here are five awesome obscure comic book characters who need their own movie...

5. Prime

prime Prime was a superhero who appeared under the now defunct Malibu Comics imprint in their Ultraverse. He is actually a thirteen year old boy named Kevin Green who, much like the Golden Age Captain Marvel, is able to transform himself in to a muscular, super-powered adult. However, like the Modern Age Captain Marvel, once transformed he still retains the mind and memories of Kevin. This is a major plot point and source of conflict for the character, as Prime often finds himself in situations and circumstances that a child is simply not mature enough to handle. A unique feature of Prime is that his appearance is related to Kevin's subconscious. His body reflects Kevin's own attitudes towards heroism at any given moment and as such it has changed on numerous occasions, which would make for an interesting on-screen concept. The transformation in to Prime occurs as Kevin secretes a liquid flesh from his torso, which subsequently moulds itself in to Prime - this would make for a stunning, if not very weird CGI visual. Prime's powers are akin to Superman's, but without the incredible super-speed. Essentially, he's a childlike Hulk with the power of flight. In fact, Prime has been in a crossover comic with the Hulk and in another with Captain America, and did in fact become part of the Marvel universe when Marvel purchased Malibu in 1994. He has since disappeared, however, and a movie revival in the current market could be a great way to reintroduce a very interesting character to the masses.

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