5 Best And 5 Worst Romances In Science Fiction

str Romance is a fickle beast. We fall in love, we fall out of love, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn€™t. It can feel like the easiest thing in the world, but often it just plain doesn€™t make sense at all. Fictional characters aren€™t exempt from the ups and downs that love often brings, or the heartache that it can cause. In fact, many a fictional story is fueled purely by the chaos love can wreak on people (I€™m looking at you, Twilight). The world of science-fiction has its fair share of whirlwind romance. Some work out like a dream, others can best be described as a train wreck, where each individual car is made up of many, smaller train wrecks. Here are 5 of the worst science-fiction romances, followed by 5 of the best...

5 Worst Sci-Fi Romances

5. Cyclops & Jean Grey (X-Men)

Cyclops-Jean Right off the bat, it seems these two have the most joyless relationship ever captured on camera. We don€™t even find out they€™re a couple until she off-handedly mentions it to Wolverine, who by now is dead set on romancing her himself, and who couldn€™t care less. And it€™s hard to blame him, seeing as how, other than a cool warning to €˜stay away from his girl€™, Cyclops does precisely ziltch to discourage his advances. Imagine for a moment, friends, that you are in a committed relationship, when all of a sudden some virile, never-aging, perfect-specimen-of-a-human-body stranger just up and moved in with you and your squeeze, and their room was right €˜down the hall€™. Not only that, but this attractive stranger made no secret of the fact that they were out to steal your sweetheart from under you. Whatever your reaction would be, even if you€™re the most docile of people, Cyclops€™ was, like, a dozen times less than that. Wolverine€™s presence is treated like more of an annoyance than a threat to his relationship. And it isn€™t like Logan€™s intentions are a secret (they do have two mind readers on campus, after all, one of whom is Jean herself). Throughout all three of the original X-Men films, Storm, Jean, Rogue, and freaking Bobby are all aware of the €˜tension€™ between Dr. Grey and the Wolverine. And all the while Cyclops does.... a lot of frowning. Heck, the only time we see an earnest reaction from him is when Logan joins the team. I don€™t know about you, but watching X-Men and X2 I always got the feeling there was some inner animosity a€™brewing between Cyclops and Jean to make him care that little about their relationship. How It Ends: Turns out, of course, that there was! When Phoenix (Jean€™s powerful subconscious) is unleashed, the first thing she does is kill Scott. The second thing she does is make out with Wolverine. Not much room for doubt there.
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