5 Comic Book Movie Villains Who You Actually Felt Sorry For

All villains are antagonists, but not all antagonists are villains. In most comic book movies you are meant to root for the hero and not the bad guy, but various comic book movies have gone the other route in making the audience feel sorry for the antagonist. Feel sorry for a villain? I know, it sounds odd, but it can happen, in fact it is happening more often that we now are confusing the villain with the hero. It just goes to show that no matter how good some people may seem, they can turn evil with one twist of fate. We are going to see more of these in the future with Jamie Foxx's sympathetic take on Electro next year, and it is no surprise there will be more, especially if Lee Pace's Guardians of The Galaxy villain turns out t0 be Micheal Korvac. Here are 5 of the best comic book movie villains you actually feel sorry for...

5. Loki - Thor

loki For a moment, imagine you have not seen The Avengers, and your only memory of Loki was from the 2011 movie Thor. Now, think of yourself in Loki's situation, he has grown up his whole life in the shadow of his arrogant brother Thor, all he ever wanted was to be treated as Thor's equal, and the almighty Odin could not even grant him that? Anyone who has had an older brother achieve everything whilst you sit back in your room will be able to relate to this character, of course that doesn't give you an excuse to try and kill him, but they are Norse Gods, fighting is what they are used to. Even when Loki tries to interject to come to his fathers side, Odin simply yells at him, and he shows almost no emotion when his son drops to his 'death' at the end of Thor. Great parenting there Odin, great. He even sees that his real father Laufey was evil, so he immediately strikes him down to prevent him from killing Odin. See, Loki does have some good in him, but thanks to his jealousy getting the better of him (it's happened to all of us at least once) he is forever seen as a villain.

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