5 Creepiest Bartenders In Horror Movies

Some might just make your night. Others could make it your LAST night.

The Shining
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The dictionary defines a bartender simply as "a person who formulates and serves alcoholic or soft drink beverages in a licensed establishment". However, we all know the humble bartender is far more than that, they are a crucial element in the community.

Yes, they provide the liquor while the rest of us have fun but the best among them can not only make a mean cocktail, they can heavily influence the atmosphere of a joint. Top bartenders get to know their regulars and can often assess a stranger quickly through hard-earned experience. They tend to know all the local gossip too and are able to handle unruly customers or cool a situation when called upon.

In cinema, the bartender serves a similar variety of functions. They are sometimes mere background and sometimes fonts of expositional dialogue integral to the plot. Sometimes they take part in the action and very occasionally they are the story's hero, or villain.

Here we have the best bartenders in horror, included for their demonstrated occupational skills, such as mixology and customer service, as well as their overall impact on the plot or action.

So pull up a stool and raise a glass.

5. Razor Charlie (Danny Trejo) - From Dusk Till Dawn

The Shining

You might get more than you bargained for if you order a Bloody Mary from this vampiric barkeep. Razor Charlie seems to be the answer to the question "How do you make real-life hardcase ex-convict and prison champion boxer Danny Trejo even more intimidating?" If you ask director Robert Rodriguez, then the answer is "Turn him into a vampire".

But Trejo's Charlie is the perfect man for the task of serving drinks to truckers and bikers at the Titty Twister's remote south-of-the-border locale. He takes no nonsense and pours quickly, plus he can smell trouble a mile away in the fugitive Gecko brothers (George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino). It takes the intervention of mild-mannered ex-preacher, Jacob (Harvey Keitel) to convince him into letting them stay.

This error seems to seems to be the only blip in Charlie's career, as by all evidence the Titty Twister's been running a successful sideline feeding its unsuspecting clientele to its vampire staff for quite some time. As a barman, Charlie might not be to everyone's taste. However he apparently also serves the best food in all of Mexico and does so in an efficient no-nonsense manner, which is handy because you definitely wouldn't want to stay there too long. The lock-ins are known to get messy.

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