5 Creepiest Bartenders In Horror Movies

4. Barmaid (Lila Kaye) - An American Werewolf In London

The Shining
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Much like Brian Glover's "Chess player", veteran actor Lila Kaye's character does not receive a name, yet she makes an equally memorable impact in her two scenes of John Landis' horror comedy. In the first she presents a stern, matronly figure who offers minimal but nonetheless very welcome hospitality to the pair of American backpackers who've wandered into her ominously named pub, "The Slaughtered Lamb".

Presumably, it's hard to maintain supplies in this remote moorland location as the Barmaid can provide none of our doomed backpackers' requests. No coffee, no soup, no food. However, she does go beyond the menu and make them a hot cup of tea.

The Barmaid's initial sternness makes sense when you consider the surly regulars she has to contend with and the fear she's masking. Unlike the other locals, you get the sense she would rather admit the truth regarding the werewolf in their midst, than let the unwary tourists head out onto the beast's stomping ground.

The Barmaid does eventually manage to convince the regulars to go looking for the Americans - an act which saves one of their lives, while inadvertently causing the deaths of many more. When we see her again, away from the dread of a full moon night, her demeanour is marginally friendlier. However, she still isn't offering much variety for drinks and apparently hasn't managed to stock up on food.

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