5 Directions Joker 2 Could Take

A sequel is inevitable, where can Mr. J go next?

Warner Bros.

The unprecedented success of Joker has created a whole host of opportunities for R-rated comic book movies. DC produced a sub-hundred million dollar thriller that granted them over a billion dollars for their trouble, so making a sequel should be one of their top priorities.

Director Todd Phillips has made it clear that he has not signed a contract with Warner Bros. to direct a follow-up. However, money talks and there is a heap of cash left on the table if Joker 2 isn't in the pipeline. Aside from the obvious financial incentive, there is a breadth of creative freedom that comes with a second instalment.

Joker was a period piece that played things vaguely, leaving so many options with a revisit to the character. The direction of the traditional comic book narrative could be the road they take, or the formula might be shook up and turned on its head once more.


Do we simply get a straight forward narrative continuation? Do things get slightly abstract? Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling with Joker 2.

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