5 Directions Planet Of The Apes 3 Can Take

War, harmony, or Ulysse Mérou. Anything is possible.

2011€™s Rise of the Planet of the Apes smashed all pre-cinema expectations. As with most reboots, many questioned why. Why take something revered as a science-fiction classic and attempt to recreate it, when the previous attempt was received so abysmally? Well the answer was because they could create something equally compelling, but monumentally different whilst somehow staying true to the narrative of both the original film, 1968€™s Planet of the Apes, and the book on which is is based, La Planète des Singes. Its 2014 sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes somehow managed to exceed its predecessor, and generated a substantial $673.3million worldwide. A second sequel was announced before the first even reached cinemas. Thus far the new franchise has told the story of an ape-dominated world from the opposite direction than that of the original five films. As such, we know that surely the Planet of the Apes is coming, but we don€™t quite know when, or how. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ended with the promise that the ape-ruled world was dawning imminently, so we€™re going to posit that it€™ll occur soon. A trilogy of stunning, mind-blowing films would make this a memorable and highly successful reboot, but Hollywood demands more nowadays, so it is probable that the franchise will continue for many more sequels. In anticipation of 2016€™s third film, of which currently nothing is known, we've got five directions which the sequel can take.

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