5 Films Where Audrey Tautou Plays A Total Nut-Case

Delicacy600 Audrey Tautou has made herself pretty well-known in English-speaking territories over the years. Although she hasn't yet fully cracked into Hollywood like her fellow Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard, she's still managed to get a couple of her home-made titles some good receptions in the UK; Coco Before Chanel (2009), for example, did well both in Britain and worldwide - not bad in a movie world populated by transforming robots and teenage vampires. Perhaps the thing holding her back in Hollywood is the language barrier, something plagued Penelope Cruz after her initial stardom, before going back to her own country and excelling. The story is much the same for Tatou but in her portrayal of fashion titan Coco Chanel, we saw that she had some real acting clout, and with her role as the girl whose lover goes missing in World War One in the film A Very Long Engagement, the story was much the same. She can act as well as the rest of her peers when speaking her own language... But take a look at her film history: why is it she so frequently plays real nutter-butter characters with colossal mental discrepancies and social issues? Click "Next" to see in which movies Audrey Tautou really loses her s**t. How do you say "SPOILER ALERT" in French?

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