5 Films That Deserve Sequels And 5 That Deserve Remakes

We really deserve more Superman...

Man Of Steel 2
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In todays world, all we seem to get is remakes, and sequels. While the continuation and reinvigoration of beloved stories is no bad thing, when Hollywood starts churning out remakes to films that were perfect as they were, or start making sequels to films that clearly have no further story to tell, you might start to wonder what is going on.

Why continue to make remakes of films whose story has clearly been told? Why not instead, continue stories that have room for it. There are a multitude of films out there, with open endings, or characters who's arcs are not quite finished. Why not make sequels to these films?

Indeed, apart from an instant cash grad, what is the point of doing a remake of the Lion King? Surely, it would be better, to do a remake of a flawed movie. Why not improve on and develop something that showed potential, but was not done quite right.

In recent years, it almost seems like Hollywood, are instinctively ignoring sequels and remakes fans actually want. This may possibly be because they are concerned that they'd let fans down if the produce something that doesn't meet expectations. Or, more likely, that they think they'd end up making a loss on such a project.

But, if they were to chose the right sequel, or remake, they could produce something very special and it would show, that sometimes its worth taking a risk.

10. I Am Legend - Remake

Man Of Steel 2
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I am Legend was a really solid action film, as not only did it give us some cool action scenes, it also gave us a slight exploration of loneliness and isolation.

It also included possibly the saddest movie death ever, when Will Smith had to kill his infected dog. Indeed, if we’re all honest about it, a lot of people probably still aren’t over it.

There were, however, a few issues that stopped it from becoming a truly great zombie/action movie, the main issue being the zombies / the infected themselves. While their overall design was good, the fact they were fully rendered in CGI didn’t help the audience’s suspension of disbelief. They were so clearly computer generated, that all tension was lost, and at no point did you feel like they had any real presence in the scene.

Now however, with the vast improvements in creating zombified creatures, in shows like; The Walking Dead, it could well be time for I am Legend film to get a remake, giving the audience the full sense of terror, the original tried so hard to create.

Furthermore, a remake would also offer the chance to develop a more unique take on the genre. The film established that the creatures are actually territorial, and group oriented rather than mindless killers. If a remake did more to explore this, it could change the standard dynamic found in zombie films and add a whole new layer to the film.


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