5 Films That Deserve Sequels And 5 That Deserve Remakes

9. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Sequel

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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, is only the first in a number of stories written by Douglas Adams, all of which are hilarious and wonderfully quirky. The first film may not have been a massive critical, but it did show a lot of promise.

Not only did the film capture the books unusual comedic tone perfectly, it also had a stellar cast, containing the likes of; Martin Freeman, Zoey Deschanel and Sam Rockwell to name but a few. On top of that, the restaurant at the end of the universe is even mentioned at the end of film.

This is the title of the second book in the Hitchhikers series. While it was used simply as an easter-egg, it does create the opportunity, to continue the story with a direct sequel. Yes, it has been several years since the first film, but you could get around this by making the restaurant a regular haunt for the gang, and the story can take off from there.

If this were to happen, my vote would be for Wes Anderson to take the reigns as director, as his preferred style and tone would lend itself to such a project.

However, there is an elephant in the room, and that is that the late great Alan Rickman would be sorely missed as Marvin the depressed robot. There are ways around this, but its not something that should be ignored and there should be some sort of reference to the change in the film.


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