5 Franchises That Would Be Better With Other Studios

JJ Abrams' Transformers > Michael Bay's Transformers

Paramount/Bad Robot

There is no blueprint to building a successful franchise, so assessing their big screen potential can be difficult. More often than not, it depends on the studios and production companies that acquire the properties.

Sometimes, there is a perfect pairing between property and producer/distributor. The Lord of the Rings could have landed at no better place than New Line Cinema. Warner Bros. did a fantastic job adapting the Harry Potter novels for audiences that would rather not read. Universal Pictures gave us the Bourne franchise, a complex and nuanced spy-thriller that superbly mirrored our 21st Century world.

Although these franchises found ideal homes, there are others that have not been so lucky. These studios may have had success with some franchises, but have not treated others with the same care.

Some franchises need a tear down from top to bottom, with a completely new take being built on its' ashes. Others could benefit from a fresh set of eyeballs and a slight change in direction. Then there are those that just seem ready to move on. In any case, a different studio could cure what ails them.

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