5 Franchises That Would Be Better With Other Studios

5. Minions With Warner Bros

Universal Pictures

The Minions were first introduced as the yellow, linguistically-limited companions of Felonious Gru in 2010's Despicable Me. As supplemental characters, their antics could steal a scene and the characters gained widespread popularity.

Universal Pictures took notice as the Minions were given a film of their own, which was released in Summer of 2015. The movie was a hit, grossing well over a billion dollars worldwide.

The film's box office considered, this list is focused on film quality and Minions was not as well-received among critics and audiences as its franchise counterpart. The characters don't have the depth to carry a decent movie, instead choosing to fall back on slapstick and cliché gags.

In Universal's defense, the goal was accomplished. Minions was an effort to stretch the franchise to not only sell tickets but merchandise as well. It worked, but that doesn't preclude making a good film.

If you want proof, look no further than what Warner Bros. did with 2014's The LEGO Movie. The obvious effort to sell LEGO cannot be ignored, but there is still a rich story about finding one's purpose and an inventive animation style with the film and its' spin-off, The LEGO Batman Movie.

The financial potential of the Minions, along with its inseparable ties to Despicable Me, means it will likely never be in another company's hands. Still, this is all hypothetical and Warner Bros Animation has been up to the task of creating fun narratives in the face of blatant commercialism.

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