5 Good Reasons To Adapt Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series

Darktower1 As an avid reader of Stephen King's work I may have some bias on this topic but that's not to say I don't have a good reason. His Dark Tower books tell an epic story following Roland of Gilead and his group of unlikely companions on a quest to the eponymous Dark Tower. There has been talk for years of an adaptation, ranging from films to TV and even a combination of the two. While no final decision has been made as of yet how they will manage to translate the sprawling narrative into the visual medium, I can give you five good reasons why they should.

5. Characters

Darktower2 With Breaking Bad setting a new standard for acting and character development on television, The Dark Tower series has a lot to offer in terms of depth. Roland himself is an anti-hero of sorts which has been a staple of popular TV since the Sopranos had us sympathise with a violent criminal. The last casting choice for the role was Javier Bardem who I believe would have (and still could be) a fantastic choice but this is by no means the only worthwhile part. The remainder of the group: Eddie, Susannah and Jake have a lot of facets to explore not to mention the huge array of ancillary characters. The argument could be made that there are too many characters to realistically give enough screen time, however Game of Thrones has successfully shown that you can remove or even combine characters while remaining faithful to the source material. With such a vibrant, interesting pool of characters to choose from it's a wonder that these books have gone so long without an adaptation.

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