5 High School Movie Proms Straight From Hell

dance of the dead Ah, prom: that magical night of spiked punch, dry humping, and accidents in a backseat that last for 18 years. It's an experience that I'm sure all of us have shared at least once, and one that - hopefully - gave us a bunch of memories. But if horror movies have taught us anything, nothing is sacred. Naturally, on the one night teenage hormones are expected to go into overdrive, there are some menacing forces lurking to put a damper on the evening. But that's what horror is all about, isn't it? Take something seemingly harmless, factor in a monster, and render your viewers afraid to leave their houses ever again. I will say it feels like it hits home more when it's high school kids, though. They're immature, selfish, and have no idea what sort of evil is circling around them. It makes for an awesome movie. Without further ado, let's look at the proms that made me glad I was home-schooled, then...

5. Psycho Date - The Loved Ones (2009)

The Loved Ones The prom might not have been the issue, but I think "psycho teen girl that gets her jollies from humiliation and torture" still counts. Brent makes the mistake of turning down stalker Lola, you see, so she enlists the help of her father to kidnap Brent, and torture him until Lola gets the prom she has always wanted. We also discover her family has done this several times before. So many times, in fact, that they have a thick scrapbook that shows each victim wasting away after various bouts of extensive torture. Of course, Brent gets put through the ringer. But not before some of the most gruesome torture scenes this side of Hostel are thrown our way. There's also the incestuous relationship between Lola and her father. Don't believe me? Little Lola lobotomised her mother so that her father's affections would all fall on her. Moral of the story? Don't turn down that creepy chick if she asks you to prom, fellas. Your life (and your junk) might depend on it.

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