5 Horror Novels That Deserve Film Adaptations (And 5 That Deserve Better)

9. Queen Of The Damned - Deserves Better

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It was all going so well.

Genre legend/ trashy horror romance icon Anne Rice’s sexy vampires lit up the screen in appropriately campy fashion circa 1994's Interview with a Vampire, a film which managed to get viewers invested in Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt's titular bloodsuckers despite the inherent absurdity of its premise.

The Neil Jordan film was a daring success which was willing to take its silly source material seriously and soared as a result—So why was the long-delayed 2002 follow-up Queen of the Damned follow up such a disaster?

Starring original Aragorn Stuart Townsend and tragic pop starlet Aaliyah, the film flopped hard and deserved its fate, sapping Rice's corny creations of their guilty pleasure sex appeal in a muddled and needlessly convoluted adaptation.

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