5 Jim Carrey Characters You Wouldn't Want To Know In Real Life

Ace Ventura As an actor of such wide renown, Jim Carrey's experiences in real life couldn't be more different from his on-screen persona. A man who sadly suffers with depression is the same person constantly typecast as the wacky, rubbery extrovert that we have all become used to seeing. A more ambiguous figure there has never been. His private life has remained largely confidential, only reinforcing the notion that his on-screen alter ego is what we associate with the name Jim Carrey. With this, several of his characters have been eccentric, unpredictable and generally over the top (in a good way, for a bit at least). This leads us to the question, what if they were real? These obviously peculiar people are supposed to be at the very end of the annoying spectrum, despite at first being funny, as that is the point of the character. There are as a result very similar traits in all the people listed here as Carrey imparts his unique style of acting on each one. So sit back and take in what knowing these characters in real life would mean.

5. The Cable Guy

Cable Guy One character that is probably the most appropriate in this line up is Ernie 'Chip' Douglas from The Cable Guy. Chip forces his friendship onto one of his clients, Stephen M. Kovacs, when he installs free cable for him with payment being that he hangs out with Chip the next day. Stephen agrees, and so begins one of the most unwanted friendships of the big screen (which in itself would be a pretty good reason why you wouldn't want to know Chip in real life.) However needing more evidence, we find ourselves at Medieval Times themed restaurant. Chip decides to take his 'friend's,' chicken skin and put it on his face, commenting "Hello Clarice," impersonating Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs. This is all before Chip and Stephen go at it hammer and tongs in suits of armour in a jousting tournament, much to Stephen's shock. Yes this is funny, but how long would that humour last? This is nothing compared to Chip's rendition of 'Somebody to Love' by Jefferson Airplane, with the constant quivering in his singing voice reminiscent of a sick sheep. With all these attempts to befriend Stephen, all Chip wants is a buddy, but it's the way he goes about it that pushes Stephen away. Things like hiring prostitutes to hang out with him and borrowing his sweaters without permission do not really endear him to his new acquaintance, making him one of the most annoying characters you wouldn't want to know.

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