5 Movie Bad-Guys With Completely Justifiable Motives


99% of films rely on conflict to push the narrative forward. Hell, pretty much any piece of fiction relies on this tried and true method of creating interest, even going back to the the plays performed in ancient Greece. Although some works rely on natural events as a form of conflict or deeply personal issues that need to be resolved, most could be attributed to other characters in the work who put pressure on our main character. In the hands of a lesser writer, these villains can be cardboard cutouts of cliches retold over and over again.

But what makes a great antagonist? I would personally say having relatable and believable motivations help separate the one-note mustache twirlers from the men and women who inspire fear due to the fact that we perhaps see a little bit of ourselves in them. We understand their plight which causes conflict in ourselves as we watch our €œhero€ try to defeat them. Which of course, amps up the drama a few notches and raises our butts a few more inches from our seats.

So here are 5 of the most memorable antagonists who had understandable and justifiable causes. Because this article discusses plot points surrounding these characters, consider this a warning forminor spoilers.

Ryan Estabrooks is a film writer/director and photographer. When he is not busy solving mysteries, he can be found working on his feature length film. You can view all of his work at the imaginatively-titled RyanEstabrooks.com