5 Movie Characters Who We'd Love To See Visit Jurassic Park

jurassic park 3Jurassic Park: A brilliant movie and a truly fantastical place to visit. It's also an extremely dangerous place to visit, given the events that occurred in the movie, and perhaps not the tourist hotspot that John Hammond would originally have people believe it was. So, wouldn't it be cool to see well-known characters from other movies heading there for adventures beyond their wildest dreams? I thought it would be fun and novel to imagine how things might go down if that was the case. With that in mind, here are five movie characters who we'd love to see visiting Jurassic Park...

Honourable Mention: The Late, Great Steve Irwin

steveirwin"Crikey! Look at this little beauty!" It would be too awesome for words to see the wonderful Steve Irwin enjoying the wonders of Jurassic Park. Steve hasn't made the main list due to the fact that he isn't a 'character', as such (though he did star in his own movie and was so unique that he did kind of become a caricature/parody of himself), but it's hard to deny that seeing him interacting with dinosaurs would be unbelievably cool. He was fearless; handling and jumping on some of the world's most dangerous animals prior to his tragic death in 2006. Whether or not he'd be mad enough to wrestle with a Jurassic Park velociraptor in the same way he did with crocodiles is another matter entirely, but to see the joy on his face as he gazed upon the park's unique attractions would be a sight to behold. Here are some of Steve's memorable moments... Now, on to the main list...

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