5 Movie Characters Who We'd Love To See Visit Jurassic Park

5. Carl Denham (King Kong)

carldenham Carl Denham (Jack Black) is the devious film-maker who was prepared to do anything to get the footage that would make him millions. He stole the equipment required to make his movie in King Kong and set sail for the dangerous Skull Island - misinforming his crew of their destination. Of course, like a few of the people in this list, he lived in a different time to Jurassic Park but, had he lived around the time of its construction, he would undoubtedly have wanted to film there - legitimately or otherwise. Black's portrayal of Denham was much less likeable than previous incarnations of the character. He didn't really care about the consequences of his actions and was solely influenced by his need for fame and fortune. It would actually be quite satisfying, therefore, to see him intrude on Jurassic Park's animal's and get his comeuppance - perhaps in the same way it was quite satisfying to see the money-driven Donald Gennaro meet his demise in the first Jurassic Park film.

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