5 Movie Characters Who Were Shot In The Head And Survived

kill bill the bride Movie characters can surprise us with their resilience and through the course of a film push the boundaries of what it is actually possible to live through. We've all seen action films and we know directors revel in throwing everything, up to and including the kitchen sink, at our protagonist so that their victory in the end is all the greater. In some cases it can also make their unexpected failure much more difficult to take after we've been rooting for them through hell and high water. Getting shot in the head is pretty much a guaranteed way to die and would be more than enough to finish most of us off, but - as is often the case - some movie characters just don't know what to call it quits. This is a list of people who have survived this ordeal on the big screen. Not all of them however go on to live long lives.

5. Mr Brown - Reservoir Dogs

brown He doesn't last very long afterwards, but Mr Brown, played by the film's director, Quentin Tarantino does survive a gunshot to the head. What's more, he is able to drive Mr White and Mr Orange far enough away from the infamous botched jewelry shop heist so that they are able to make it to the warehouse rendezvous point. When I first saw Reservoir Dogs this was one of the most surreal scenes to me; Mr Brown - who clearly doesn't even realise what's going on, piles into the back of a parked car and then keeps trying to drive forward, a confused look on his face throughout and blood pouring from his forehead. Obviously all the neurons aren't firing and the futility of his attempts is lost on him. He does after a few moments kick the bucket, but not before helping two of his cohorts escape. That's tough and thoughtful.

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