5 Movie Villains Whose Punishments Were Far Too Severe

4. Gaston From Beauty And The Beast


Poor love-struck Gaston, the second misunderstood Frenchman on this list. In the tale where beauty comes from within Gaston's egotism and muscular exterior make for the perfect foil and contrast to the Beast. Now Gaston is a creepy sex-pest and suffering from a serious steroid addiction but his crimes don't really add up to much more than being a narcissistic young man.

An unsuccessful attempt to protect his village from the mighty wolf-like beast left Gaston flat on the bottom of a ravine. Whilst he did posses some serious character flaws he may well have developed some humility after growing a little older as many jumped up young whipper snappers do. Still, Disney were delivering an important message to kids: If you fancy yourself you will find yourself squashed flat at the bottom of a deep ravine.


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