5 Movies Hollywood Should Make (And Why They Totally Won't)

avengers-black-widow "Never say never" is a good maxim to live by. Most of the time. And in the cases of movies we hope will one day take to the silver screen, it€™s often the only thing that keeps us tuned into the Hollywood machine, keeping an ear out for any industry buzz that might indicate that our favorite franchises are about to get the big budget treatment. Because, let's face it: as bad a track record that the movie industry has when it comes to taking a beloved story, character, or brand, and butchering them beyond recognition, I think deep down, we always hope they€™ll get it right. And sometimes they do. Lately that's kind of been the case, anyway. And whilst Hollywood might have passed up the opportunity to adapt something we hold dear today, well... there€™s always tomorrow, right? Sometimes, though, we just have to face the fact that whatever it is we€™re hoping will get the movie treatment probably won€™t happen anytime in the foreseeable future. Like in the cases of the 5 following projects...

5. Halo

Master-Chief-G3ARWhy We Need It: Let€™s go ahead and get this one out of the way right now. I think it€™s safe to say that everyone who is familiar with the Halo series wants to see it become a movie. Heck, I€™m not even all that into Halo, and I still want to see that movie. Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, the stoic cybernetically enhanced protagonist of the series, has become a video game icon, right up there with Lara Croft and Link. The game is said to have single-handedly made the Xbox a success. Obviously, people love Halo to death. Making it into a film only makes sense, as it would please not only fans of the series (if done right, of course), but it could also spawn a lucrative tent-pole franchise for the lucky studio with the stones to give it the green light. Why We Won€™t Get It: Back in 2005 news broke that yes, they were indeed intent on bringing this thing to the screen. A lot of big names were attached the project at some point or another, most notably Peter Jackson, of €“ don€™t play that game, you know exactly who Peter Jackson is. Anywho, due to disagreements between him and the studio, Jackson ultimately dropped out of the project. There are still whispers that eventually, it will be made, and it continues to attract big names, most recently Steven Spielberg. So while there is hope that eventually we will see Master Chief on film, for the time being, there are no concrete plans.
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