5 Movies That Changed Your Mind About Directors You Hated

Split single-handedly redeemed nearly 20 years of M. Night Shyamalan flops.

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It's not easy to shake off a negative reputation in the film industry. Perhaps it's because quality doesn't really matter as long as directors still bring in money for the big studios, but there are some prolific filmmakers working today who are mired in controversy every time a new movie of theirs hits theatres, facing the ire of fans head on in the hope of eventually winning them over.

Of course, negative reputations are compounded even more if they concern once-great directors who fell from grace - those who initially showed the potential to be the next Kubrick or the next Scorsese, only to end up sharing the spotlight with Uwe Boll and Ed Wood.

However, the beauty of the industry is that, while a star can go from being the next big thing to Hollywood's most wanted within the space of a single big flop, all it takes is one great movie to turn that perception back around.

Because after all, nobody goes into a movie wanting it to be bad, especially if it comes from a director you used to love, and plenty of filmmakers audiences once hated have been able to prove their loudest critics wrong by releasing one genuinely special flick that's turned their careers completely around.

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