5 Movies That Use Mysticism As The Deus Ex Machina

Fellowship Throughout the history of movies there are some brilliantly epic films that stand out in our minds: Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and, of course, Star Wars. But what do all of these movies have in common besides all of their stories unfolding into the adventure of a lifetime? These movies rely on mysticism to save the day. Normally, we would call using this technique Deus ex Machina which means god from the machine. It means that a problem is abruptly resolved by unexpected means whether that be caused by an event, a person, ability, or object. Generally, it is frowned upon to use this technique because it seems lazy. For example, think upon the Iron Man series. Tony Stark goes through three entire movies being poisoned by shrapnel which forces him to use and continuously have to strengthen the arc reactor connected to Stark's electromagnet. He continually gets weaker and weaker over the course of the trilogy facing an ever-impending death. How do they resolve this for the happily ever after? The multimillionaire goes to a doctor and has the shrapnel removed...Why did you not do this before, Tony?! The movies I mentioned preciously are different. They are science fiction and fantasy (with the exception of Indiana Jones but that's okay because the focus is lore) which means everything goes. Let's explore this, shall we?

Laura Bensen is sci-fi and fantasy movie fanatic and an avid reader of fiction novels, People magazine, manga and comics. She is also a freelance writer for magazines.com. In any case, she enjoys doing all of this out of the rain, which is hard to do in Tacoma Washington.