5 Newly Acquired Properties That Are A Pefect Fit For Disney (And 5 That Are Not)

Disney Just Added To Their Gauntlet.


We are living through the Great Intellectual Property Race. With the increase importance of streaming, studios are gathering all of the titles they possibly can. In the few years, we have seen AT&T purchase Warner Media, Netflix acquire Millarworld and Amazon pay $1 billion for the rights to The Lord of the Rings.

In what has been the biggest move yet, Disney purchased 21st Century Fox for $71 billion in 2018. Just last week, the deal was fulfilled and the major studio is now a subsidiary of the House of Mouse. With this acquisition, the Walt Disney Corporation gains a massive catalog of properties, ranging from award winning television shows to massive film franchises.

Considering what Disney stands to gain from this purchase, some properties seem like perfect fits for Disney. There are franchises here that are poised for a film reboot, a television revival or even could be made into Disneyworld attractions.

There are other titles that do not seem to mesh with the idea we all have of Disney. Fox had material that is more mature than what we usually see from Walt Disney and may conflict with the Studios image of family and magic. There are other properties that, for one reason or another, will feel redundant, out of place and even not worth the studio's time.


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