5 Promising Films To See In February

We know Valentine's Day is round the corner, but why not ditch your significant other and pile into the cinema instead?

February is usually the time where love is in the air €“ as evident by procrastinating lovers finding themselves running around shopping for a last minute Valentine's Day gift - but it€™s also a decent month to get around to some new movies too, especially since the quality of releases are usually on an incline after the waves of January failures. The aggravation of Winter is now likely fading too, meaning it shouldn€™t be too much of a hassle to see a flick every once in a while. And that€™s fairly fortuitous as February holds a few potential gems, alongside some others that are at the very least deserving of a watch. A fairly wide variety of genres will be explored too, ranging from blockbuster action, to action/romance, to uniquely premised thrillers, to animation, proving that there just might be something for everyone in February. Before we begin properly though, here's an honourable mention; something so terrible sounding the novelty of what a train-wreck it will be makes it worth checking out.

Honorable Mention €“ Vengeance

All that can be gathered is that this a straight to video film starring Danny Trejo and Diamond Dallas Page. Seriously, if this has DDP attempting a Diamond Cutter on Danny Trejo that gets countered into a machete throat slice, it will make multiple Whatculture.com year end lists. At the very least, it can't be worse than Machete Kills. Click Next to begin reading about actual movies with the potential to be good.

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