5 Promising Films To See In February

5. Non-Stop €“ February 28th

Thanks to Taken, Liam Neeson has skyrocketed over the years from a highly competent actor, to one of cinema€™s most charismatic action stars. You€™d be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn€™t know his fear-inducingly memorable lines from the original by heart. It became so popular that Hollywood still can€™t pass up making sequels for it, despite there being absolutely no reason to from a narrative standpoint. Nevertheless, Liam Neeson has since found himself receiving numerous similar roles, portraying more hardened special agents that conveniently have a plethora of killing techniques at their disposal. Non-Stop is next up in a stream of type-casting and honestly, it looks fun. The premise sees Liam playing a US Air Marshall on a plane hijacked by an unknown passenger. The passenger contacts Liam via cellphone text messaging €“ complete with neat on-screen visual aesthetics for the audience €“ and says that every 20 minutes he will kill a passenger on the plane. From there the interesting premise seems to devolve into non-stop action €“ almost as if the screenwriters weren€™t talented enough to superbly craft a thriller around their unique idea €“ but at this point people will watch anything with Liam and his very unique set of skills. And they should. The simple fact is that the film will most likely be 2 hours of Liam Neeson busting heads, which is as good a reason as any to purchase a ticket.

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