5 Reasons Grease Is A Horribly Sexist Movie

5. The Looks

You better shape up, 'cause I need a manAnd my heart is set on you In the grand finale of Grease, Sandy sings how she needs a man and that guy had better shape up. And a few verses into the song, this changes into: (Danny) I better shape up, 'cause you need a man(Sandy) I need a man who can keep me satisfied Danny's already pretty shaped up so, thankfully, so he doesn't need to worry about that too much. Technically, what Grease is saying here, is that a man should look good for a woman, and while there's nothing wrong with that, "shape up", is something else. Most men aren't muscular and model-like. But Grease, like many other pop culture media, do tell men they need to have the six pack and big chest for women to be interested in them. Furthermore, Grease suggests girls need a fit guy to keep her satisfied, as if she's some sort of nymphomaniac, almost like she's suffering from hysteria. Sandy's 180° change of character would suggest it, if getting together with this guy is worth all that to her. That last song is not the only part of the movie that is all about values about the exterior, and how a person should look. Throughout the movie, body weight is referred to constantly. Most interestingly, the character Jan is supposed to be the prime example of someone "fat and ugly". She appears to be a lesser member of the group and certainly the less desirable one. At one point, Putzie, one of the guys, tells Jan he always found her very understanding, and then says: "Also, I think there is more to you than just fat." Man, what a surprise there is actually more to Jan than just fat. Tsk - they're just subliminally suggesting big people aren't fun or interesting. Fat-shaming ftw. For your reference:
That's her with the yellow bows in her hair. Man, is she unbelievably fat. She's just as skinny as the rest of the cast, even if they put her in too large sweaters and skirts during the entire movie. And even if she was bigger, it's still just as ridiculous. Let's not even mention the entire song that is about Frenchie and her being unconventional and ugly ("You think you're such a looker; but no customer would go to you unless she was a hooker!" - really). Essentially, Grease tells society: to fit in, people need to look fit, pretty, sleek, lean and muscular and should dress as convention states it.

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