5 Reasons Machete Kills Again...In Space Should Happen

5. Best Fake Trailer Yet

The first Machete was birthed from a fake trailer as the third would be as well. However, one has to admit that as great as the original fake trailer was to Machete, the new fake trailer to Machete Kills Again...In Space tops it a thousand times over. It tops the original trailer mainly because it ups the ante in every way: more camp, more humor, more ridiculous lines, more grindhouse-like images and bigger and better story. Even if you didn't enjoy the second film or thought the first film dropped the grindhouse persona too early (as I did), the third movie seems to promise a true grindhouse movie like experience. It all starts with the basic premise: Machete in space! Add that to a mix that already includes a promise of a crazy looking film and big time violence and Machete Kills Again...In Space could be the actual Machete flick that the original trailer promised. This new trailer offers the most potential which means Rodriquez and team could really pull off the best Machete if they try.

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