5 Reasons Why Prometheus Is A God Awful Film

2. The Inconsistencies With The Alien Universe

prometheus The proto-Xenomorph example from before fits into this perfectly, but the shining example of this comes from the film's visuals. Now, don't get me wrong. Visually, Prometheus is spectacular. But really look at this for a second. The technology they use in this film is several hundred years ahead of the technology of Alien, or even Aliens, even though it's set hundreds, possibly thousands of years before either of those films. It seriously bugged me through the entire film because, to be honest, having it all be grungy and 80s-looking, with CRT displays and 2D interfaces everywhere would have added to the film. It would have brought back amazing memories of those films, which it's obviously trying to invoke. But by making it all super high-tech and sterile, it makes the original films look worse, and the fact that Prometheus opted to have amazing technology, despite the fact it makes no sense in the lore of the series it claims to be a part of, shows that they were far, far more interested in making a big sci-fi blockbuster than answering any of the questions that came from Alien. My question is, if that's what they wanted to do, why didn't they just do that? Yeah, it still would have been a bad movie, but it wouldn't have stuck a giant middle finger up to the fans of the original films. If it was just a sci-fi blockbuster made by Ridley Scott, people still would have seen it. It would have meant that movie-goers wouldn't have to know about previous films to get half the references, and it also would have meant Alien fans wouldn't want to burn your house down.

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