5 Reasons Why Prometheus Is A God Awful Film

3. The Cringe-Worthy Dialogue

Prometheus When you have a film that is essentially completely character based, it's normally recommended to have some decent dialogue so we can at least connect with a few of the characters. Prometheus opts to have dialogue so appalling it puts Randall Wallace to shame. Late in the film, we get a plot twist that everyone saw coming from a mile away; Charlize Theron's character, Vickers, the corporate body looking over the mission and head of generally being an a**hole about things, turns out to be Peter Weyland's (the head of the corporation everyone thought was dead, but it turns out he wasn't in yet another lame plot twist) daughter. This revelation has no bearing on the plot whatsoever, granted, but the worst part is the way they reveal it. Vickers is talking with Weyland, telling him that once he's dead, she will have the company etc. etc., but at the end of her rant, she waits about a second and then says, in the most over the top, soap opera-esque way possible, "FATHER!". Not only is this a god-awful line, the delivery sends it straight into 'so back, it's good' territory. This is just my favourite example. The "I love rocks" line mentioned before is just another bad line in this movie.

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