5 Reasons Why The Lone Ranger Isn't As Bad As You Have Heard

the_lone_ranger_37041 Ah, the summer movie season is in full swing, and the media loves to scream so loudly about the winners and losers at the box office, usually ignoring whether the films in question are actually good or not. Disney's The Lone Ranger is currently the film that is getting all of the ire and proclamations of being a flop at the box office. Critics are loving the opportunity to jab and spit at the latest overblown, over budget action set-piece. It is kind of funny how suddenly lots of film critics have become Lone Ranger purists. But is it as bad as they want you to believe? Is it complete garbage? I propose 5 reasons why it isn't as bad as the media wants you to think it is...

5. The Money Is On The Screen

lone-ranger-panorama Yes, the budget is seemingly huge. Estimates put it at over $250 million for this movie. My response is "who cares"? I paid the same price for this ticket as I would have paid for a movie that cost $1 million to make. It makes no difference to me as an end-consumer and critics shouldn't get hung up on this point. The Lone Ranger at least puts that money up there on the screen. This movie is polished, detailed, thrilling and looks like it cost a lot of money. It looks completely fantastic, everything form the costumes, make-up and locations are top notch and befitting of a modern day, broad action/western. As per with Gore Verbinski (you just need to look at his first three Pirates Of The Caribbean movies again to see his talent), it was beautifully and competently shot, highlighting the beauty of the American "west" like no other movie in years.

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