5 Saddest Film Moments That Left Everyone In Tears

fountain Mister macho man or mister sensitive it doesn€™t matter because we all have particular moments in a film that just hits the core and the tears begin to show. Ranging from any genre or how dated the film is, again it doesn€™t matter. It could be the soundtrack, a character dying or even inanimate object floating away. Moments when we cry can come from films we love a good scare from, be fascinated by lightsabers and Death Star€™s in a in a galaxy far far away or just mesmerized by how many bullets that pistol can shoot and wonder €œHow comes he never reloads?€ So let€™s take a trip down memory lane from films that made our eyes water or run to the toilet so no one would see you cry. €œNot that I€™ve done that!€ So bring out tissues or grab some ones shoulder because you€™re about to remember or discover particular moments the left you crying.

5. Platoon

platoon1 Before the days of tiger blood and known by a nickname €œWarlock€ Charlie Sheen stared in Oliver Stone€™s 1986 Platoon. What is still known today to be ranked 83rd by American Film Institute in their "AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies" poll. A brilliant film that shows the journey of a young college dropout recruit who volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam. Chris Taylor€™s (Charlie Sheen) biggest threat is not the fearless North Vietnamese Army and the constant peril of death but the horrors of the Vietnam War and the moral crises that confronts him. The Moment of Tears: Apart the from the loss of in innocence the moment that Platoon is world famous for is when Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe) shot by Sargent Barnes (Tom Berenger). When Bravo team regroups and takes off we see a wounded Elias stagger from the jungle running away from the Communist North Vietnamese soldiers. Looking from the chopper helpless Elias is gunned down with the famous scream and hands in the air at the same time Barber's Adagio For Strings soundtrack is playing in the soundtrack.

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