5 Upcoming Films That Will Make 2015 The Biggest Year For Cinema Ever

Earlier today, or more accurately by the time you read this, yesterday, Disney announced that they had brought Lucasfilm and are planning to release a seventh chapter in the Star Wars saga by 2015. Whether you are excited for the prospects of this new chapter or not, one thing is for certain... 2015 is shaping up to be a MASSIVE year for highly anticipated blockbuster films... probably the biggest year in the history of cinema. Although Disney has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years due to its collaboration with another film giant Marvel, and the massive success films such as The Avengers and Iron Man have had at the box office, Disney has also had one recent massive high budgeted failure, John Carter, that cost the studio dearly... they certainly won't be wanting another misstep like this in the studios future, despite the fact the film itself was pretty good (at least I think so). Disney probably thinks that now they own the Star Wars franchise and are planning on producing another chapter of this Star Wars saga for 2015 they are pretty safe... no one is going to not want to see this film right? At the very least, the film will have a lot more buzz around it than John Carter did. I am sure that the seventh Star Wars film will be a massive success at the box office, whether or not it is actually any good is another question... one which is too early to answer. The big issue Disney faces though is that 2015 is already shaping up to be a huge year for highly anticipated films, and although Star Wars is a big name, it has some huge named movies to go up against in this year. Maybe after they remember what films they will have to go up against at the box office that year they may decide to move back the date of this Star Wars movie to 2016. Considering they aren't anywhere near close to pre-production, this is probably a strong possibility anyway. This following list counts down the big named movies all currently planned for release in 2015 that will make this year arguably the biggest year in film history, at least in terms of blockbuster movies. Baring in mind that it is only 2012 and many huge movies that will be released in 2015 won't have even started production yet, this is really only the tip of the iceberg... but this is one massive iceberg full of movies that themselves could sink the Titanic (in terms of box office takings at least)...
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