5 Upcoming Films That Will Make 2015 The Biggest Year For Cinema Ever

5. Avatar 2

Many people are worried about Avatar 2. Forgetting about the people that hated the first movie for a second, those that liked/loved the first movie (myself included) are a little worried that James Cameron's plan of releasing one film in 2015 and the following in 2016 will not pay off and will seem a little rushed. Like another sci-fi giant, The Matrix, this plan has epically failed in the past, and many people think it will epically fail once again. If I were you I wouldn't be so worried. If there is one man in the history of cinema who you should be able to trust to make a brilliant sequel that betters the original brilliant film it is James Cameron. Let's not forget James Cameron is the man behind Terminator 2 and Aliens, both fantastic movies adored by critics and audiences alike, that arguably were better than the original films. If anyone can make a great sequel and has a magnificent track record it is this guy right here. On many peoples lists, Terminator 2 and Aliens are the greatest sequels ever made... so lets not entirely rule out Avatar 2 or even 3 just yet. Avatar 2 will also be the sequel to the highest grossing movie of all time, beating out even the mammoth that was "The Avengers" which lies in 3rd place. James Cameron also seems to be completely dedicated at the moment in trying to make this sequel the best film he can possibly make... and personally there is not one film he has made which I consider to be less than excellent. James Cameron also says that a great deal of this film will be exploring unseen locations on Pandora, particularly underwater settings... and if you know anything about this man you will know how much he loves exploring the depths of the ocean. Unquestionably this will be a massive film release and will likely get close in box office numbers to the original film, though will struggle to overtake it. That said, sequels generally perform better than the originals at the box office so maybe this film will take the top spot away from Avatar 1. Only time will tell.
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