5 Villains To Avoid Using In Future Batman Movies

Humpty Dumpty Batman has one of the largest and, arguably, the best rogues gallery in comics and, in the Joker, arguably the best individual arch-enemy. But with that large array of foes inevitably comes a whole load of absolutely rubbish ones. That's not an understatement by any stretch of the imagination - the bottom end of Batman's list of enemies is absolutely horrendous. I'd go as far as saying that it's pathetic. Some of the characters are stupid in terms of their themes and abilities, and how some of them are meant to be a threat to the caped crusader is beyond me. The idea that some of them might make it to the big screen is a pretty revolting one, but it's not out of the question if DC and Warner Brothers are looking for an original cinematic idea. With that in mind, I've composed a short list of just five examples of Batman villains who have no right to be utilised in a live action film. Here are five villains to avoid using in future Batman movies...

5. Calendar Man

Calendar Man You know, Calendar Man is not that bad of a character - in fact he's actually quite good (although his fellow villains and the heroes of DC would disagree, they see him as a joke) - but I think he could only ever work within the confines of a comic book. The reasons I can't see him working, and thus why he should be avoided, in a live action feature film are twofold; First, his name. Simple as that. It's very silly and non-threatening - the kind that is perfect for a comic, but the kind that just wouldn't transfer well to a dark, serious movie (which Batman movies tend to be now). The second reason is his theme - his crimes are based solely around the date i.e. the day of the week, the particular holiday or the occasion. Unless film-makers were happy to use mundane, lesser-known dates like... I don't know... National Whatever Day... the film would have to be set at Christmas time, Halloween or an occasion of that level of renown - essentially one of the occasions on which Calendar Man likes to pull off his biggest stunts - and that would feel contrived and take the focus away from the fact that it was a Batman movie. A silly fact about Calendar Man is that his real name is Julian Gregory Day - a play of the Julian calendar, the Gregorian calendar and, obviously, the days of the week. Just keep him away from the movies, DC.
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